Liza's is exceptional

Our dear Aunt Lena was a resident here for the last 9 months of her life. The staff here were exceptional. They were cheerful, took very good care of the residents. It is clean, and serves good meals. There is no odor due to continual emptying of the garbage cans. Cloths are washed instantly. Family is informed of even the littlest changes. The staff addresses you by name. Wonderful. What more could I say? If you want to sleep well knowing your loved one is well cared for, this is your place.
Doug & Kathee

The staff was very nice and attentive at Liza's House. If something was wrong they gave you a call. They explained the whole contract up to the point of working with me in finding another place for my sister if in case they cannot continue the care for her. She seem very happy there and she's getting a lot of attention. There are only 20 residents so it's much better and nicer.

My sister, mother and I visited twice before my mother chose Liza's House as her new residence. The staff is very friendly, understanding of the residents' needs, and helpful to the family. On our visits we found the facility very clean as well as the residents who reside there. No matter what time of the day we came everything was in order. You can share a meal with your family member on short notice. The quality of the food is good and the menu has variety. Liza's House is situated at the base of a mountain. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. There is a dining area, sitting area, and a special room which all the residents like. They grill in the summer, weather permitting. Several outside sitting areas are available. We are happy that we chose this place as an assisted living facility for our mom and would recommend it to others.
My niece has a friend whose mother and father have resided here. They were very happy with the treatment their parents received during there stay here at Liza's House.
Beth C.

This is a small personal care home with the necessities.  The staff were exceptional.  The services were exceptional (hair appts, podiatrist, physician next door).  The food was good.  The laundry was done daily, and the trash was removed multiple times a day.  There were no offensive odors, and most residence mingled among others.  They cared for our Aunt in the last 9 months of her life, and we slept easy knowing she was in their care.  The staff knew us by name, and reported even the littlest issues immediately.   The best thing about Liza's was that when our Aunt was switched to hospice, they continued to care for her.  Even when she became more work.  This group goes above and beyond, and truly cares for the elderly.  This is the old fashioned attitude to caring, and I appreciated it.
Kate G.